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Argentina expects to issue a tender for Copahue geothermal field

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Copahue, Argentina (source: flickr/ Juan Carlos Martins, creative commons)/Announced during the recently held GEOLAC geothermal conference, Argentina’s Ministry of Energy announced planning a tender for the Copahue geothermal field.

In a presentation at the recently concluded GEOLAC geothermal conference in Mexico City, Gastón Siroit, Director of Resources and Technologies, Renewable Energies, of the Ministry of Energy of Argentina shared details on his country’s efforts on geothermal development.

The country sets a focus on the mechanism of Tenders for Renewable Energy Technology, RENOVAR. The efforts have made some progress during the last two years, with an agreement reached with the local provinces, so that the tender gives the license or geothermal concession and the PPA to the developer.

The bidding for geothermal energy has a dual purpose for Argentina, to diversify the matrix and reinforce the system, in the understanding of contributing with firm power to the system. To date, RENOVAR has tendered close to 5 GW of renewable energy, mainly solar and wind.

The first tender for geothermal energy will be at the Copahue field, a geothermal zone with 3 wells drilled, with the lowest risk of drilling in the country.
Argentina seeks success of the project in Copahue, as it would be a great success for the Province, the Country and the Region.

Source: PiensaGeotermia/Think geoenergy

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