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Cibio 2017 International Biomass Congress and International Biomass Fair Expobiomass

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More than four thousand visitors went through the second edition of the International Biomass Congress.

The event, which took place in Curitiba last week, involved academics, businessmen and governments in favor of developing the country’s biomass sector

The second edition of the International Biomass Congress (CIBIO 2017) brought together several players from the Brazilian biomass sector. The event was attended by more than four thousand visitors and was attended by more than 50 exhibiting companies. Held at the Industry Campus of the Federation of Industries of Paraná in Curitiba, the congress held more than 40 lectures and evaluated about 80 technical and academic works during the three days of the event.

On the first day the lectures were focused on the production of pellets, where both the national and international markets were approached. Among the highlights of the first day was the lecture given by Pedro Veríssimo, HRV-Andritz, which dealt with the production and commercialization of pellets in Europe, mainly the Portuguese market. The Chilean production was also highlighted in the event with the participation of Sebastián Solter, from Trainguén Energi.

The second day was filled with enriching lectures on biogas. The Brazilian production of the product was quite prominent and its use for energy purposes was also discussed. Among the lectures related to the theme, one of the most outstanding was the one given by Rogério Meneguetti, from Itaipu Binacional, who highlighted the importance of biogas in the national scenario and the projects developed by the hydroelectric through the product. In addition to biogas production, the correct disposal of solid waste was also the subject of CIBIO 2017, which was addressed by Vinicius Casseli of the German company Doppstadt.

The last day of the event gave a turn to the theme Forest Biomass, which highlighted the Brazilian potential for this type of production and how it can, if properly developed, collaborate with the production of renewable energy in Brazil. To further enrich the subject, the event had the collaboration of Josana Lima, representative of the Ministry of the Environment (MMA), which highlighted the Sustainable Steel Project and also the participation of Desireé Soares da Silva, from the Senai Institute of Innovation in Biomass (ISI Biomass).

The second edition of CIBIO 2017 had the support of the Federal Government, State and also the Government of Minas. In addition, the event was also sponsored by important Brazilian institutions such as Itaipu Binacional, Sanepar, Copel, Senai, the Regional Development Bank of Extremo Sul (BRDE), the Brazilian Association of Distributed Generation (ABGD) Technological Institute of Paraná (TECPAR) and many others.

In addition to the lectures, the participants of the event also had the opportunity to visit the stands of the second edition of the International Biomass Fair (Expobiomassa), which took place simultaneously to the congress and offered great business opportunities to visitors and exhibiting companies. The success was so great that the next edition of the event was already confirmed by the organizers, being held on 4, 5 and 6 September 2018.

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